Safety Measures

You Should Follow before boarding YYC (YES YES Cabs) taxi:

         Before you get into the cab, please ensure that the cab belongs to YYC company by confirming our Logo.

         Please note down the vehicle no and the drivers contact number.

          Do not accept rides from drivers who randomly approach you.

          Do not leave your valuables in the cab during waiting.

          Please check your belongings before leaving the vehicle.

          All bookings should be done through YYC Call Center only.

          We are not responsible for any loss to your belongings.

          For any doubts, please call our Call Center immediately.

There are many taxi cab drivers who are honest about earning their wages, but just as every other profession, there are some bad apples. By heeding these safety tips for passengers, you can minimize becoming a victim to the criminal tendencies of some unethical taxi cab drivers.